Let's feed the world without depleting natural resources

Today, large-scale farming is degrading the environment. It must now become part of the solution to produce healthy food, address climate change and repair ecosystems. Fortunately, a growing number of farmers around the world have already adopted the solution.

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We call it regenerative agriculture

Regenerative farming restores the natural fertility of agroecosystems and captures more carbon than it emits. It produces nutrient-dense food, clean water and abundant biodiversity. It integrates agroecological practices such as conservation agriculture, organic farming, agroforestry, permaculture and holistic livestock management.

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Soil is capital. Let’s grow it.

Healthy soil is the single most important driver in increasing farm productivity, reducing risk in operations and protecting profitability. Living soils and functioning ecosystems work to retain water and provide nutrients to plants. This builds profitable farms and improves asset value in the long run.

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It’s all about field experience

We are experienced farm managers and business professionals. We keep ourselves rooted by working at farm level to improve operational, financial and environmental outcomes. Explore our Track Record!


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  • Agronomist - Bioengineer
  • Field monitoring and crop management in Belgium
  • Farming operations on various private farms
  • MSc Agronomy, Gembloux AgroBioTech, Belgium
Matthieu Delespesse


  • Co-founder & Managing Partner
  • Senior Agronomist - Head of LATAM Operations
  • Strategic advice for various corporates and private farming companies
  • MSc Agronomy, Gembloux AgroBioTech, Belgium
  • Business Administration, Solvay, Brussels
Thomas Lecomte


  • Junior Agronomist
  • Field monitoring and crop management in Belgium
  • Family background in farming
Maxime Ameel


  • Co-founder & Senior agronomist
  • Expert in regenerative agriculture
  • Farmer & Owner of several agricultural businesses
  • MSc Agronomy, UCLouvain, Belgium
Nicolas Verschuere


  • Co-founder & Managing Partner
  • Senior agronomist & RegenAg Farmer in Belgium
  • Head of Farm Management Services in Europe
  • Overseas consultant on large-scale farming operations
  • MSc Agronomy, UCLouvain, Belgium
Guillaume Sneessens


  • Agronomist & RegenAg Farmer
  • Independent advisor for farmers in France
  • Extensive RegenAg experience in Argentina, USA & Australia
  • MSc Agronomy, ISARA Lyon, France + UC Cordoba, Argentina
Sylvain Cournet


  • Senior agronomist
  • RegenAg Ranch Manager in Argentina
  • Extensive Experience in Grasslands, Livestock, Land Planing & GIS
  • Holistic Management Trainer (Savory Institute)
  • MSc Agronomy, UNCOMA, Argentina
Santiago Valdez
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